Warzone expert JGOD explains why Bizon is “top tier” SMG loadout

JGOD side-by-side with PP19 Bizon from WarzoneJGOD/Activision

Warzone guru JGOD has got a PP19 Bizon loadout that is pretty viable, especially on Rebirth Island, even if it does just fall short of being a meta pick following its recent buff. 

With Call of Duty: Warzone encompassing three different games at this point, the battle royale’s developers are constantly tweaking weapons and items to shake up the meta.

Following recent updates, weapons like the Jak-12 shotgun, Mac-10, and the Sten have all been given a bit of love by Warzone players as they’ve experimented with the changes.

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On April 13, Raven Software dropped an update to address a few problems with vehicles in Warzone, and also gave Modern Warfare’s Bizon a bit of buff by fixing an issue with its damage output. Now, the SMG is on the fringes of the meta and there are a few interesting loadouts for it.

The Bizon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

One comes from JGOD, who noted that if the Bizon had a Recoil Booster as an attachment like the Vanguard weapons, it would absolutely be part of the meta right now but instead, it’s just in the “top tier” of viability thanks to it’s headshot damage output.

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“I think it is still very viable, super easy to use, noob-friendly because of the recoil – it’s super easy to use. You’ve just got to go ahead and pick what is going to make the most sense,” the YouTuber said about changing up the attachments.

He noted that because of the Bizon’s base magazine size, it doesn’t really need an attachment there. Instead, he picked the 8.7′ Polygonal barrel to increase damage range without sacrificing speed all that much. Additionally, the build uses No Stock and Sleight of Hand to make things a little quicker as well.

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JGOD’s best Bizon loadout for Warzone

  • Barrel: 8.7′ Polygonal
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

As the YouTuber notes, the SMG has been “trash” for so long that its pick rate is still in the dirt. As per WZRanked stats, it sits as the 77th most-used gun in the game and has yet to climb.

With its damage issue being course-corrected following the buff, it may see an uptick before long, so why not become an early adopter before everyone else jumps on it.

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