Warzone exec wants Grau to return as meta “king” before Warzone 2

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific grau
Activision / Pixabay

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Grau has some fans in high places as CoD’s Creative Director is calling for the classic gun to become “king” of the meta once again. In a tweet, he revealed that he wants the weapon to reign supreme one last time before Warzone 2.

Anyone who played Warzone in its early seasons will remember the infamous Grau 5.56. With arguably the cleanest iron sights in the game’s history, as well as pinpoint accuracy, the Modern Warfare gun dominated Verdansk for months.

Ultimately, the Grau was nerfed and fell behind other ARs in usage rate. As time passed, options like the Kilo 141, CR-56 AMAX, and, eventually, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard weapons took over.

With Warzone 2 reportedly releasing in the holiday season of 2022, some fans have become nostalgic for the title’s early days. One such player is CoD Creative Director Ted Timmins, who is vowing to return the beloved Grau to its rightful throne.

Warzone exec promises return of Grau meta

Responding to a tweet that tugged at player nostalgia and asked about players’ favorite all-time metas, Timmins did not mince words. In capslock, he answered “GRAU,” before revealing his intentions.

Calling it “the OG laser,” Timmins explained his plan for a return to supremacy: “One day I’ll convince the team to make it the king again for one last ride.”

This vow instantly gave way to dozens of replies supporting the idea. One of the title’s biggest streamers, FaZe Swagg, was as enthusiastic about the idea as can be – hitting Timmins with an impassioned “PLEASE.”

Grau loadout Warzone
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)
With or without an optic, the Grau dominated the meta for ages.

While Warzone players certainly enjoy newer weapons and content, nostalgia is ever-present. This is evident in fan despair over “useless,” formerly meta C4s and excitement over Verdansk’s return – albeit on mobile devices.

Before the Pacific map launched, we dove into why the MW FN SCAR deserved a buff – so that the classic weapon could get its chance to be meta.

While that never came to be, the Grau seems to have supporters with more pull. Fans will surely be eager to see if Timmins is able to convince his team and buff the “OG laser” back into relevance.