Warzone disables Fighter & Bomber Planes after repeated game crashes

Warzone disables Fighter & Bomber Planes after repeated game crashesActivision

Raven Software have disabled Fighter and Bomber Planes in Vanguard Royale after players reported them causing the game to crash over and over.

As part of Warzone’s transition over to the Pacific, the battle royale saw the addition of a WWII-style Fighter Plane to the game.

Pacific Season 2 brought another winged machine to the arsenal with Bomber Planes, which fans have been having a blast with.

While pilots have been terrorizing the opposition with these flying machines, it appears the airspace is a bit too crowded as they are causing the game to crash.

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Warzone disables planes on Vanguard Royale

In a tweet on March 4, Raven Software informed the community that they will be turning off Fighter and Bomber planes until further notice.

As marked on their Trello board, the airborne vehicles are disabled as Raven work to figure out what is causing the planes to remove players from the game.

This comes off the back of Warzone player’s reports that these are the sole reason that their games are unplayable. One instance of this came six hours before the devs addressed this issue.

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KARNAGE member ProReborn took to Twitter as he voiced his concerns over the game freezing. He said, “I am almost positive that planes are crashing people’s games.” Reborn elaborated that, if multiple people are in the air at the same time, all pilots will have their game crash, making the lobby lose over 30 players.

At the moment, it is unclear the exact reason why planes are crashing people’s game. But, we do know that they are playing a huge role in it.  We will update you when a fix is released and when pilots will be able to return to the skies of Caldera.

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