Warzone director hits back at Monarch event criticism: “Having fun isn’t for everyone”

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cod warzone operation monarch artwork

Warzone’s Operation Monarch may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but criticism of it has clearly irked one of the game’s leading devs who has responded to the negative feedback of the King Kong vs Godzilla LTM.

There’s a feeling that CoD Warzone isn’t quite as serious as it once was, with more outlandish crossovers causing the game to lose some of its identity. Introducing John McClane and Rambo into the fray in 2021 was somewhat divisive, but allowing players to run around as characters from Attack on Titan was too much.

It seems that Activision are happy for Warzone to get surprising crossovers like this and none more evident by the majorly hyped Operation Monarch LTM. Monster icons King Kong and Godzilla provided special skins, finishing moves, and also got a special game mode in Caldera.

The response to the LTM wasn’t amazing, with popular streamers NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect very critical of it and players calling it “disappointing.”

operator using godzilla killstreak in cod warzone's operation monarch
There’s no doubt that Operation Monarch has good qualities, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the majority of players apparently.

All the pre-release material for Operation Monarch suggested we would get an epic battle between King Kong and Godzilla with players caught in between.

This didn’t really happen though, as the two Hollywood icons avoid each other throughout the match and Warzone fans felt let down. A poll was conducted by Call of Duty Twitter page ModernWarzone to see where the general consensus was on the LTM.

“Was Operation Monarch a W or an L?” the poll asked, and it was a majority result with 70% of the 24,194 votes going in favor of an L.

A Warzone Reddit post showed a Twitter user asking Raven Software Creative Director Ted Timmins if he had seen the poll, to which he replied: “I respect all opinions and views, having fun isn’t for everyone.”

The comments to the Reddit post were also similar to the poll in that a few people could understand Timmins’ frustration — given the constant negativity towards the game. “I thought it was fun. There were just certain issues that made me not enjoy it, though, but it was fun!” Nintendo_Pro_3 said and received support for the viewpoint too.

Other players were not so forgiving, with one player saying: “It was fun for about 30min. Didn’t bring me back to the game for a minute longer. I’m sure they have the data on that. The question is are these game modes added to bring people back long term, or just advertise a movie in the short term. Probably the latter. Dude got his fat paycheck from Hollywood, that’s all they care about.”

As some people replied, this poll only represents a minuscule portion of the game’s playerbase, so these numbers might not reflect the larger share of fans.

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