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Warzone devs tease major Prestige system rework on the way soon

Published: 1/Apr/2022 7:35 Updated: 1/Apr/2022 7:16

by Brad Norton


Warzone developers at Raven Software have confirmed that a new Prestige system revamp is currently in the pipeline, after Swagg outlined his biggest gripes with the current leveling structure.

One of the most popular features since the early days of Call of Duty has been the Prestige system. Grinding through multiplayer levels and resetting your ranks to unlock the next rare emblem has long been one of the ultimate ways to flex.

Though things changed in recent years as the franchise adopted a seasonal model. Players now have their progress reset with each new season, rather than having the option to hit max Prestige and remain there.


Addressing the state of this once-beloved feature, Twitch star Swagg voiced his issues in a recent Q&A with two Warzone developers. It turns out, not only do they understand the criticism, but they’re already working on a big revamp.

Call of Duty Vanguard's 1st Prestige icon
Sledgehammer Games
Reaching a certain Prestige in Call of Duty used to be a sign of dedication.

With the current Prestige system in Warzone, Swagg argued “it’s almost pointless to even really care. That’s one thing that’s really missed,” he continued, “just wanting to level up. There’s no reason to want to level up.”

Responding to the comments, Warzone Creative Lead Josh Bridge said the feedback is “totally fair.” Raven attributes this recent decline in enthusiasm for the Prestige system to the “live model” structure.


“We went for this notion of seasonal leveling,” he explained. “Now looking it at, on the plus [side], it doesn’t feel as intimidating for someone that’s been disengaged for a while at the start of a season, because we’re all at the same starting point. ”

On the downside, however, Bridge admits that “the value of leveling kind of loses meaning,” as players are only focused on the season, rather than a bigger picture.

Well aware of this feedback, the Warzone dev team is already working to improve the state of its Prestige system.

“That’s something you’re going to see in the future,” Bridge alluded, “a revision is the best way to describe it.


“We absolutely want to deliver on the value of what Prestige means and the rewards that you get with it, so that you’re not just purely watching numbers tick.”

Warzone 2 artwork
We could see a complete revamp of Warzone’s progression system in time for the sequel.

While there’s no telling how Prestiging may evolve in Warzone, if we even see these changes before Warzone 2 arrives, we now know for certain that it’s being looked at.

“The whole progression and metagame is absolutely something we’re going after in a revised way,” Bridge concluded.