Warzone devs tease Caldera map changes finally coming in Season 2 update

Warzone caldera map gameplayActivision

Warzone’s divisive Caldera map is finally set for an update in the Season 2 patch, with Raven Software teasing new POI changes on the way soon.

Despite almost two years of waiting for a new full-sized map in Warzone, Verdansk’s replacement hasn’t quite live up to expectations. Since the jump to the Pacific era in Season 1, players have labeled Caldera as a “boring” stage while others have called it a much ‘easier’ map to master.

With countless bugs tied to the map as well, it’s all led to the longest season in recent history. Warzone’s next major patch was delayed from its original date as a result, giving devs more time to “optimize” the experience.

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We now have an idea as to exactly what said optimizations might look like. Outside of general gameplay tweaks, Raven has confirmed that map changes are finally on the way to improve Caldera.

Players have been spotting a few peculiar issues with Warzone’s minimap over the past week. In certain areas, entire buildings appear on the minimap without actually showing up in-game.

It turns out there’s a reason for this. “Maybe the map knows about a change coming to this area in Season 2?” Raven teased on Twitter in response to another instance of the seemingly bugged HUD.

Rather than distinct changes to the location, this new clip showed buildings pushed into slightly different locations on the minimap. This could be Raven’s way of shifting Caldera’s pace without dramatic additions.

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Given similar discrepancies appearing already, there’s a good chance multiple POIs will be changing in a similar way with Warzone’s Season 2 update.

Caldera’s first batch of changes are set to arrive on February 14 with Warzone Season 2.

Beyond these minor tweaks, there’s no telling if Caldera will receive anything bigger. Perhaps new locations are on the way or maybe some current zones will be removed, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless, it’s clear the new Warzone map is changing, to an extent. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Season 2 details over the next few weeks.