Warzone devs revert Rebirth Island changes ahead of Season 4 and Fortune’s Keep


Shortly after introducing the Exfiltration playlist to Rebirth Island, Warzone developers Raven Software reverted changes made to the map after mass backlash from players.

To lead in to Season 4 and the introduction of the new Fortune’s Keep map, Warzone added the Exfiltration Limited Time Mode to Rebirth Island, replacing the regular modes so players could take part in the LTM and get ready for Fortune’s Keep.

This became a huge issue, however, as Rebirth’s legion of fans hounded the devs for removing their standard playlists, especially as the Island will be seen far less after Fortune’s Keep is introduced.

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Rebirth Island has become insanely popular in recent months, especially since the shift from Verdansk to Caldera, which left a number of players split over which map they should spend their time traversing.

Rebirth Island mapActivision
Rebirth Island was initially released in 2020.

That’s why it caused such a storm when they removed the regular modes from Rebirth and made it Exfiltration only on June 20, the week of the Season 4 update.

‘Rebirth’ started to trend on Twitter, and fans were furiously tweeting at the Warzone and Call of Duty accounts to revert the changes made.

Before long, they listened and Raven Software changed their plans, bringing back their “beloved Rebirth” with all modes available before Fortune’s Keep arrives.

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Fortune’s Keep is going to be slightly bigger than Rebirth Island and, for the first week after it launches, will be on a daily rotation with the map.

Warzone Season 4 launches on Wednesday, June 22, and is set to bring a number of significant changes to the game. Whether Fortune’s Keep proves to be as popular as Rebirth Island, though, remains to be seen.