Warzone devs reveal sniper buff exclusive to Iron Trials ’84

Connor Bennett
Warzone character firing a sniper in the road

Warzone developers Raven Software have revealed that Sniper Rifles have been given a bit of a buff in-game, however, the change is exclusive to the new Iron Trials ’84 mode.

With Season 5 almost coming to a close, Warzone’s Season 5 Reloaded update has finally dropped, bringing some brand new content to the popular battle royale.

That includes the brand-new Iron Trials ’84 mode which has been billed as “the toughest Battle Royale mode to ever come to Verdansk,” and it’s already proven pretty popular with players.

The new mode has a slower TTK (time-to-kill), loadout drops are rarer than before, and is an all-around nice change of pace for players. There’s even a sniper buff in the mode too.

The Iron Trials ’84 mode could be one of the hardest BR modes ever.

Warzone’s TTK has always been a bone of contention for players with constant community arguments over it being too fast for some but far too slow for others.

With Iron Trials ’84 proving a nice of change, one player – Redditor bob1689321 – suggested that snipers may have received a nerf that made the mode “fun.” However, that isn’t the case.

Raven stepped in to clear things up, noting that there has actually been a buff to snipers given the increased health in the mode. “The damage values for Snipers are the same with the exception of headshots which now deal 300 damage,” they said. “This is for any scenario above 30 meters. Under 30 meters, any Sniper that could one-shot headshot in core BR can still do so.”

While some players praised the change and suggested Iron Trials should be the go-to setup for the normal battle royale mode, others suggested that the headshot damage could be toned down just a touch.

Some suggested that further changes, exclusive to the mode, should also be made – mainly down the route of weapon recoil – in a bid to further separate the top tier players from the rest. But, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.