Warzone devs respond to XP bug making it impossible to rank up weapons

Vanguard Operator holding the KG M40Activision/Treyarch

Warzone developers have finally responded to an issue that is causing certain weapons to not gain XP in Season 3. 

While the Warzone Season 3 update introduced new guns, balance changes, and modes – a number of players have reported problems with leveling up certain Vanguard weapons. 

This issue is obviously incredibly frustrating, particularly when the best Warzone loadouts require high-level attachments. So far, a total of four guns have been impacted by this bug, with the KG M40 and NZ-41 being among them. 

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However, the developers have now finally responded to this problem, reassuring players that the weapon XP issue is being looked into. 


Raven Software has now released a patch that has fixed the weapon XP issue. This means players can now fully level the KG M40, Volkssturmgewehr, AS44, NZ-41, and Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle without any issues.

Warzone devs address Vanguard weapon XP bug

KG M40 in WarzoneActivision
The KG M40 is one of the guns impacted by the weapon XP bug.

After the Season 3 update went live, a number of players found that certain Vanguard weapons weren’t receiving any XP. No matter how many contracts or kills were acquired, the guns would not raise in rank. 

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So far, the bug only seems to impact four Vanguard weapons – these being the KG M40, Volkssturmgewehr, AS44, and NZ-41. Quite what has caused this bug is unknown and Raven Software hasn’t revealed any further information. 

However, the devs have been made aware of this issue and are now actively investigating the weapon XP bug. With no workaround or official fix, it is best to avoid using these weapons until the devs have ironed out the problem. 

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In the meantime, check out our Warzone page and best loadouts below to get a competitive edge in Season 3. 

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