Warzone devs respond to annoying ‘fetching store info’ glitch locking players out

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Warzone’s frustrating ‘Fetching Store Info’ glitch is preventing players from accessing the game, as the battle royale encounters one of its most annoying issues yet.

With Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon, Warzone is set to enter an exciting new era. Until the new battle royale experience arrives, Warzone players are still encountering their fair share of annoying glitches and bugs.

The ‘Fetching Store Info’ glitch is a common glitch in Warzone follow the latest update and players are desperate for a fix.

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Warzone’s ‘fetching store info’ issue frustrates locked out players

Warzone players have reached out to the wider CoD community, as the ‘Fetching Store Info’ glitch prevents legions of players from accessing the game. Some players, like Redditor OriginalXVI, have vented their distaste towards the glitch as Warzone guru’s like JGOD continue to emerge victorious.

The Redditor said: “it’s nice seeing creators show off their 20 win camos in a temporary mode, when I can log into the game due to the ‘Fetching Store Info’ crash.”

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Meanwhile, the issue itself has been ruining the core Warzone experience for weeks, as Redditor hospinat attempted to find a fix too. Player HawkWest AU suggests to “wait it out, could be a couple minutes” as a temporary fix.

Unfortunately, the issue still persists according to hospinat: “I tried reinstalling twice, on external storage and console storage and tried deleting the ps5 saved data but nothing helped.”

In the past, Warzone players have managed to rectify a multitude of errors within the game, but the ‘fetching store info’ issue remains a prominent problem.

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Currently, there isn’t an official method to rectify the ‘Fetching Store Info’ glitch but developers Raven Software “investigating” the issue according to their official Trello board.

It remains to be seen as to when the problem will be properly ironed out, so we’ll have to keep an eye on things.

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