Warzone devs promise Vanguard Zombies camos coming faster than Cold War’s

Warzone devs promise Vanguard Zombies camos coming faster than Cold War'sActivision

As the Warzone devs continue to fix the game and communicate to the community, they finally promised players that Vanguard Zombies camos will be coming to the battle royale faster than it took them to do so in Cold War.

Call of Duty owes much of the popularity for Zombies due to its Black Ops Cold War edition of the mode. With the game being relatively easier than previous titles, but still feeling rewarding, new players poured hundreds of hours slaying the undead.

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On top of that, there were a handful of people the solely grinded the mode just for the Dark Aether camo which was a near remake of Dark Matter from Black Ops 3.  Warzone players that accomplished this feat, however, were unable to show off their accomplishment in the battle royale for months.

With Vanguard, it’s the same story as players still can’t equip camos from Zombies onto their loadouts. But the devs assured the community that that could change in the future.

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Warzone devs plan to have Vanguard Zombies camos soon

In a tweet from CharlieIntel, as part of the devs initative to be more clear with the community, they did hit on the topic of Zombies camo. When someone told them it took six months to add in Cold War’s variants the devs replied, “The bar is literally on the floor for us this year.”

It has been three months since Vanguard’s November release, which means that the team still has about another three to integrate these camos into the battle royale.

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Dark Aether zombies WarzoneActivision
Dark Aether is the best camo that can be earned in Zombies.

This will give players a chance to use stuff like the green Dark Aether, which we have embedded a preview above, Golden Viper or others that are exclusive to the mode.

There is no official date for this feature but one thing is certain, the devs are determined to get it in quicker than the six-month time frame that it did in Cold War.