Warzone devs nerf Numbers event audio after fan backlash

warzone numbers event audio nerfed patchActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone fan’s eardrums rejoice as the developers at Raven Software have briskly taken note of the Season 5 Numbers event backlash. In a September 29 patch, they’ve nerfed the annoyingly loud and omnipresent audio issues.

Warzone’s Season 5 event, Numbers, was impossible to ignore if you played the game’s standard playlists. And that’s not because it’s so fun that you have to take notice, it’s because the audio was so loud and seemingly impossible to avoid.

In a game where gathering information is so valuable, players weren’t thrilled to have their audio cues muddied with random, seemingly indecipherable digits.

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Fortunately, after days of fan complaints, the audio is being tuned. As Raven Software mentioned in a September 29 tweet, the volume and frequency of event-related audio distractions have both been nerfed.

Warzone Numbers event audio nerfed

This is altogether good news for fans of the game. Those who have stuck it through, and still drop into Verdansk regularly, were not particularly fond of the new event’s volume. And that’s why typically annoyed users are responding to this patch with comments like “rare W.”

And, for what it’s worth, Raven did take the oft-venomous backlash with poise. In their patch tweet, the studio explained that they “heard [fans] loud and clear” and that the “feedback is appreciated.”

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As for how that feedback was given, there was a mix of polite and impolite reactions.

Warzone Numbers event audio backlash

While the major accounts asked Raven nicely, less-prominent users weren’t as kind. Just in the replies to the CharlieIntel post, fans called the event things like “annoying,” “half-baked,” and “by FAR the single worst event.”

Of course, a number of users also talked about wanting to delete or uninstall the game in order to save their eardrums. 

That’s a fairly typical reply on Twitter, though, but one has to wonder if they’re going to re-install the game now that the audio issues have apparently been patched out.

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