Warzone devs explain why they can’t use some weapon names in patch notes

Vanguard weapon in WarzoneActivision

A slight Warzone annoyance is not knowing the names of some weapons affected by changes in patch notes – yet, developers have finally divulged details on the strange lack of clarity.

Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update massively rebalanced the Warzone meta. The only problem was nobody knew what nerfs to Assault Rifle Charlie meant without doing some additional research.

Even in the Warzone store, players don’t know what weapon skins they are buying for some weapons if they aren’t sure of the gun’s appearance. Activision uses generic names like Submachine gun Alpha for certain weapon camos.

Warzone players have accepted the oddity as standard practice, but two developers finally opened up about the issue.

NecroKing Mastercraft bundleActivision / Treyarch
The NecroKing Mastercraft bundle is incredibly popular in Warzone.

Warzone devs reveal the reason behind vague weapon names

CoD content creator XVI asked the Warzone developers to “shed light” on using generic weapon names instead of universally recognizable ones.

Matt Scronce, Treyarch Design Associate Director, responded, “legal and licensing reasons that are outside of my wheelhouse. I don’t like it any more than you do.”

Sledgehammer Game’s Communications Manager, Sam Leichtamer, responded, “I agree it’s very confusing for us too, but for legal reasons, we can’t.”

Warzone players did not take the clarification well.

One player argued, “With some of the blueprints in the shop, you genuinely cannot tell what gun it is, and you have to match it up with the name and check three to four times to be sure.”

Another user stated, “It’s seriously such a simple fix, and yet it went over the heads of three entire studios.”

Hopefully, Modern Warfare 2 finds a way around CoD’s weapon licensing issues, yet it looks unlikely based on these tweets.