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Warzone devs confirm nerfs for DMR, dual Diamattis & other weapons coming soon

Published: 5/Jan/2021 23:05 Updated: 5/Jan/2021 23:56

by Albert Petrosyan


Raven Software, the developers who are currently in charge of Call of Duty: Warzone, have announced that they’re working on nerfs for several weapons from Black Ops Cold War, including the controversial DMR 14 tactical rifle, dual-wield Diamatti pistols, and more.

If you have touched Warzone even once since the launch of Season 1 and its integration with Black Ops Cold War, then you should be all too familiar with the DMR 14, a tactical rifle introduced in this year’s title.

Arguably the most overpowered weapon to be added to Warzone since the battle royale’s launch back in March, the DMR has dominated Verdansk and Rebirth Island in an almost unprecedented fashion, leading to a virtually unified outcry from the player-base begging the developers to nerf it.

Well, that day is finally near, as Raven confirmed on January 5 that they are working on balancing adjustments for the tactical rifle, as well as the dual-wield Diamattis, Type 63, and Mac 10.

While not considered as big of a problem as the DMR, the Diamattis in dual-wield form have increasingly become a source of frustration among Warzone players as well.

Similar to the old Akimbo Snakeshot .357 pistols, the double Diamatts have a TTK (time to kill) faster than almost every other close-range gun, making them a major go-to for a lot of players, especially since they allow you to use Ghost in your loadout right away.

The other two guns that are set to be nerfed – the Mac 10 and Type 63 – also make a lot of sense.

The Mac 10 has overtaken almost every other SMG in the battle royale, so it’s probably a good time to take it down a notch to introduce a little more variance in the weapon pool.

As for the Type 63, another tactical rifle, the devs likely want to reduce its effectiveness because it’s also quite powerful, and with the DMR in line to get a nerf, the Type 63 would essentially replace it to a similar effect, which would make this whole process moot.

The Mac 10 is currently the best SMG in Warzone but might not be after the next round of weapon nerfs.

Raven also confirmed in a separate tweet that these changes will be exclusive to Warzone, meaning that the weapons will not be adjusted in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. This makes sense since there’s generally not been any major complaints about any of the four guns in multiplayer. In fact, none of them are even considered to be part of the BOCW meta at this point.

As of now, there’s no official release date set for this weapon tuning patch, although the likeliest is probably Thursday, January 7, which is when the next playlist update for Warzone is expected to go live.

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Call of Duty

Warzone Precision Airstrike trick is perfect for taking out tower campers

Published: 19/Jan/2021 14:03

by Jacob Hale


If you still find yourself struggling to take out those pesky Airport Tower campers in Warzone, this Precision Airstrike trick will make your life much easier.

The tower at Airport is a haven for players that don’t quite have the ability to take on the game properly. We’ve all seen them, sitting up top in the control room with a sniper and their Most Wanted contract, not willing to take on a fair gunfight on the ground.

Technically, the only way up is the inside zipline, though you can fly a helicopter at it too and hope for the best, but both of these methods leave you exposed, and the tower camper will usually be prepared for it.

This trick, though, is bound to change how you approach it, and gives you the best chance of wiping them out.

Warzone airport tower camper
There’s only one way up the tower, making it perfect for campers.

For the most part, attempting to use airstrikes on tower campers is futile, as the roof keeps them so well protected — but not if you judge it right.

As you can see in the clip below from Rxelik_, there’s actually a real method that can make your precision airstrike much more likely to hit the enemies occupying the tower.

Rather than aiming it at the control room like most of us usually would, if you aim lower down the tower, the trajectory of the missiles actually falls straight into the room and, hopefully can take out at least one or two of the players in it.

How to aim precision airstrike against Airport Control Tower from r/CODWarzone

The best part about this is tower campers usually assume they’re safe when they see the warning screen of an incoming airstrike. Due to the roof above them, most tower campers won’t rush into hiding when it comes up, and will be left baffled when it ends up actually hitting them.

If this works out well, you could have a teammate hold the bottom floor, ready to zip up to clean up any kills or prevent any possible revives, though this could still be quite risky if a player or two are watching the zipline still.

Either way, this trick makes it much more likely to take out tower campers, so bear it in mind next time you need to pull someone out of there — just aim a little lower!