Warzone devs confirm fix coming for the demon gun graphical glitch

warzone demon glitchInfinity Ward / Reddit, @Caased

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 has had its launch derailed by the craziest visual glitch in the game’s history, but Infinity Ward have finally revealed that a fix is in progress.

Update: August 13 at 10:43 AM

Infinity Ward are “fast-tracking” a fix for the corruption bug that people have been coming across in Warzone.  On August 12, the devs indicated that they were going to start on a fix, but are now ramping up production on the solution.

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IW are trying to get the fix to players as quickly as they can since more players are coming across the problem.

Original story follows below.

Some call it the demon glitch, some call it the alien bug, and some simply call it the graphical glitch. But CoD’s developers just refer to this widespread issue as “reports of corruption appear on the end of weapons” and have subtly added the problem to their Trello task board without addressing it publicly. In the meantime, players have discovered one solution that seems to help.

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As made publicly visible by Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow during the $100,000 Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament and in various posts across Reddit and Twitter, the demon glitch is versatile and expansive. Thus far, it has been confirmed that the bug only happens in Warzone and that multiplayer appears to be relatively safe (aside from random spawns).

In desperate attempts to assess the issue, glitch victims have done everything from comparing PC graphic cards to deleting and reinstalling the game. One theory holds that removing camos from your guns can help solve the problem, but that wouldn’t explain why the corruption remains present in Gulag weapons, for you or your enemies.

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On the bright side, players seem to have mostly treated this experience like a heightened training experience. Like Luke Skywalker honing his lightsaber skills with a helmet blindfold, many of these Verdansk soldiers have just played through the glitch—firing where they assume an enemy is and hoping it works out.

But, like their blindfolded playerbase, the game’s devs have turned a blind eye to the problem on social media. And we need to track their Trello board to be comforted by the fact that the fix is “in progress.” It’s been around one week since Season 5 launched and this issue’s prominence has only gained traction since then, so hopefully it has become a higher priority for IW to address as well.

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In the meantime, Call of Duty League caster Maven has a solution that should work for players and their own guns at least.

Allegedly, if you remove camos from your own guns then you shouldn’t have the issue on your end. But it’s not clear how that can address the problem occurring with enemy guns, ground loot, or even Gulag guns.

As of August 12, the Trello card has been updated to say that the glitch will be “fixed in a future update.” We will be updating this page as soon as Infinity Ward rolls out a fix or updates the community on the exact timeline. Typically, patches deploy on Tuesdays so there can be some hope that it’s addressed within the next two weeks. 

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