Warzone devs confirm ‘Damage Shield’ anti-cheat feature ruining hackers’ games

Warzone devs confirm ‘Damage Shield’ anti-cheat feature ruining hackers’ gamesActivision

Warzone devs confirmed that some hackers are given silent aim and can’t kill you in-game thanks to RICHOCHET anti-cheat’s “Damage Shield” feature.

Since the December launch of the Warzone RICOCHET anti-cheat, hackers have had a harder time to ruin matches for others.

However, there have been player reports of cheaters coming back and taking over nearly every match. Despite these claims, Activision said In an anti-cheat update that working and hacking is at an all-time low.

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The Warzone devs also confirmed something that fans had been speculating to be true, silent aim that suppresses cheaters in a unique way.

Warzone devs acknowledge Damage Shield anti-cheat feature

In a blog post from February 18, Activision confirmed that some hackers have been getting a debuff that prevents them from doing damage. The team is calling this feature a “Damage Shield.”

As explained by the devs, when the server detects a cheater in the game it gives them this shield, which “disables the cheater’s ability to inflict critical damage on other players.”

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We have seen this before over the course of 2022, as it started as a rumor that hackers were doing less damage. Over time, people started to see it more and a clip from JoeWo all but confirmed this.

Warzone player running in CalderaActivision
Warzone devs confirmed the Damage Shield that prevents hackers from doing damage.

Now, the Warzone team has made it official that this is a thing. It was in a testing phase but it has now been released across the world.

However, devs said that if you encounter one of these hackers, to still use the report feature as it will help make the banning process faster.

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So, next time you drop into Warzone and run into a hacker that can’t damage you, maybe take a page out of TimTheTatman’s book, and humiliate them for a change.