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Warzone devs confirm accuracy fix coming after DLSS settings break aiming

Published: 29/May/2021 14:03

by Connor Bennett


Raven Software have confirmed that a fix is being worked on for the Warzone DLSS settings that are currently causing players’ aim to be a little off-center and inaccurate.

Ever since Warzone first launched, the age-old debate about playing on PC and console has raged pretty strongly, with console players complaining that PC has one too many advantages.

For starters, PC players seemingly have better aim assist when a controller is plugged in, and, on top of that, they are able to tweak graphics settings quite a bit to see things console players cannot.

The long-awaited NVIDIA DLSS graphics settings were meant to help PC players make their game look even better and run buttery smooth, however, it’s caused quite a few headaches that the developers want to address.


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Activision / Infinity Ward
The main benefit of DLSS is improved FPS, a huge part of outplaying opponents in Warzone.

Shortly after the DLSS settings went live for PC players, Warzone YouTuber JGOD found that when using the ‘balanced’ and ‘quality’ filters, your shots weren’t wholly accurate.

Instead of a crosshair and laser attachment lining up directly in the middle of the screen, they’d be off-centered, and shots would hit to the right of where a player was initially aiming. As a result, the devs have confirmed they’re trying to address it in an upcoming patch.

Update regarding DLSS: BeenoxTeam and NVIDIA are aware of an issue where DLSS may impact the accuracy of Weapon optics in Warzone,” they tweeted on May 28. “The team is working on a fix for an upcoming patch.”


As noted, part of the setting is unaffected. If you use anything other than the ‘balanced’ and ‘quality’ filters, you are pretty much fine.

However, not everyone can run the other settings, given they are intended for higher-spec PCs. So, hopefully, this update isn’t too far away.