Warzone devs finally acknowledge ‘concerning’ Double Barrel Shotgun

Brad Norton
Warzone Double Barrel Shotgun

Warzone developers at Raven Software have finally addressed the controversial Double Barrel Shotgun loadout, acknowledging its power and promising an imminent change.

One class, in particular, has dominated Warzone in recent weeks. The Double Barrel Shotgun loadout raised eyebrows as soon as it was uncovered in the Season 1 update, and now it’s infamous for tearing up every lobby.

Capable of ‘one-shotting’ from close range, the class was quickly deemed broken. In fact, many even labeled it one of Warzone’s most powerful guns ever. Anyone using the loadout was considered “toxic” as a result.

With the holiday break now over and devs back to work, players finally have an update. Weeks after the Shotgun came into focus, Raven Software has finally issued a statement — but no changes yet.

Warzone double barrel loadout
The Double Barrel was introduced to Warzone through Vanguard’s integration.

Following on from a surprise January 5 update — one that nerfed the not-so-popular invisible skin — the developers made a further announcement.

While it wasn’t bundled into the latest patch, the Double Barrel Shotgun is finally in line for a change: “We’re aware of the concerns regarding the Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun. An adjustment is coming in the near future.”

No further details were provided. There’s no ETA on when the nerf will arrive, nor how the Shotgun will be tweaked. The Akimbo attachment also hasn’t been disabled at the time of writing.

While the controversial loadout may still be live in Warzone today, rest assured a fix is imminent. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as any further details emerge. In the meantime, brush up on everything included in the latest Warzone update right here.