Warzone dev says ‘Streamer Mode Plus’ could be fully released soon

Nathan Warby
Warzone Operator aiming sniperActivision

Warzone’s Senior Creative Director has teased that ‘Streamer Mode Plus’ could see full rollout soon, as the developers look to protect content creators from being targeted by stream snipers.

Stream sniping is a major issue in any multiplayer game, and Warzone is certainly no exception. Content creators with large profiles are constantly at risk of viewers using their streams against them to secure a cheap kill.

But despite the number of streamers that have gravitated towards Warzone as their main game, the CoD battle royale’s Streamer Mode is still leaving players exposed. Back in 2021, Raven said it was listening to the community, and looking to upgrade the feature.

Luckily, a major Warzone developer has hinted that “Streamer Mode Plus” could be ready for a full release to all YouTube and Twitch personalities.

Warzone player in gas mask using sniperActivision
Stream sniping is a problem in most online games, but Warzone has done little to combat it.

During an April 5 interview with the Baka Bros, Warzone’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins was asked about the possibility of rolling Streamer Mode Plus out to all content creators. At the moment, only a handful of personalities have access to the feature, which many feel is “unfair.”

Timmins explained that Streamer Mode Plus is currently in a trial phase, and the long-term plan isn’t to pick and choose who can use it.

“I’ve been really happy with the response to the Streamer Mode plus…I loved the results we had,” he explained. “I think we were quite transparent that we’re rolling it out to a small group as a beta, it wasn’t supposed to be this exclusive club.”

“We made a ton of big changes, we wanted to get that feedback from a small group,” he continued. Check out the full interview with Ted Timmins below:

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The standard Streamer Mode has been criticized by the community, as it doesn’t appear to actually protect content creators and enemies can easily snipe them. Streamer Mode Plus keeps creators completely hidden, and Timmins has hinted that more players could get access very soon.

“I’ll definitely take this one back to the group, it’s great to hear that you guys are seeing real results with the mode,” said the dev. “Maybe there’s an opportunity here that we can start to consider rolling it out to a wider content creator group.”

How long it will take for all creators to be given Streamer Mode Plus to protect them from stream snipers remains to be seen. But, based on these comments, the test has been a success and we can expect to see a larger release very soon.