Warzone dev reveals update could soon buff “under represented” weapons

. 3 weeks ago
Whitley LMG gameplay in CoD Vanguard

LMGs in Warzone are often underappreciated by many and are not selected at a high rate — but a Warzone dev recently revealed a plan that will be music to the ears of LMG users. 

Warzone’s current meta makes Assault Rifles and SMGs arguably much more viable than SMGs, Shotguns, and, Marksman Rifles.

The Modern Warfare PKM is the most selected LMG, but still, only .49% of the time compared to the STG which is picked 16.58%. There is a massive gap in the player base when it comes to using LMGs compared to other weapons.

Warzone Loadout provides daily updates on weapon meta rankings, and a recent article done by them received a revealing Twitter comment from a Warzone developer.

warzone mg 82 lmg season 4 nerf
LMG’s such as the MG 82 have not received much attention.

Possible LMG buff coming to Warzone

Raven Software Senior Game Designer Tully Ackland said in a tweet, “we want to bring more identity and viability to LMGs.”

LMGs on paper should perform much better in Warzone. The class offers weapons with massive magazine sizes and powerful damage output. However, with mobility improvements in Warzone such as balloons that allow you to fly around the map and an easily accessible fast-travel transit system, players may not want to lug around massive weapons for close-range engagements.

Warzone Loadout’s article discussed the best SMGs to use, and Ackland was pleased that Warzone Loadout complimented a “really well balanced” close-range meta. Ackland wants other under-represented weapons to be more viable as well.

Whatever the case may be for why LMGs have become neglected in Warzone, it looks like the once-powerful class may finally receive some reworking soon.

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