Warzone dev reveals more 80’s crossovers & map changes coming in future updates

Rambo and Warzone characters jumping out the plane into VerdanskActivision

A Warzone developer has revealed that further 1980’s-themed crossovers will be coming to the battle royale in future updates, and there should be more map changes to boot. 

Just as some other battle royale developers have done, Raven Software have dipped into crossovers between pop culture and Warzone on a few occasions now.

It first started back at Halloween with the Haunting of Verdansk as several Halloween villains were added as skins, and its continued into Black Ops Cold War.

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The brand-new 80’s action heroes bundle lets players take on the form of John Rambo or John McClane from Die Hard, and there are even map changes to go along with a limited-time takeover event. That could be more regular in Warzone as well.

Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza is in Warzone.

Following the launch of the new crossover, which has seen Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza descend on Verdansk, Raven Software’s Amos Hodge has confirmed that there is more to come.

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Speaking to the official PlayStation blog, Warzone’s lead developer said: “We’re definitely going to lean into the ‘80s and we’re definitely going to continue making updates.

“This is one of the first big splashes we’re making, but you can expect continual updates to the map, new content, and ways to play throughout the seasons.”

black ops cold war season 3 update ramboTreyarch
Rambo is now a skin in Warzone.

With Verdansk now being set in 1984, there are a whole host of things that Raven can do – from further movie crossovers, to music, and maybe even sports.

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Prior to the launch of the current crossover, some leakers believed that The Terminator franchise could be involved in a crossover, given the original launched in 1984.

It remains to be seen if that’ll happen, but at least Raven have got plans. We can only wait to see what they have in store.

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