Warzone dev confirms sniper nerfs coming in Season 3 update


A Raven Software developer has confirmed that nerfs to sniper and marksman rifles will be arriving in Warzone with the Season 3 update.

Sniper rifles have long been a point of contention for Warzone players, and even in the wider battle royale space.

When much of the game is about survival and simply trying to get to the end of the match, sniper rifles that can knock you in one hit can be a seriously frustrating thing to come up against.

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This seems to have only become an even bigger issue in recent months, to the point that many Warzone players are desperate for change — and it’s finally coming.

Warzone menace pops off for 49 kills on Rebirth Island with sniper loadoutActivision
Sniping in Warzone has become out of hand.

When the Baka Bros asked Raven’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins whether the studio had considered nerfing snipers and marksman rifles, Timmins was honest in his assessment.

“We do plan a meta shift for the snipers for Season 3, I’m happy to say that,” he said. “I think we would all agree it’s long overdue. The sniper meta hasn’t changed in what feels like forever, so I feel really good about where we’re going with that.”

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He continued: “In Season 3 just in general, regarding your comment about general pacing and second-chance opportunities, that’s really high on our list … In Season 3, there are some really interesting things coming.”

With Season 2 nearly over and Season 3 just days away at the time of writing, the Kar98k and Swiss K31 remain among the top 5 most popular weapons in Warzone according to WZRanked.

This has been the case for months, but when Season 3 arrives, we could be seeing a massive meta shift. The question is, how do they properly nerf snipers while still making them a rewarding weapon to excel with?

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