Warzone detective tricks hacker into showing cheats on stream

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone detective tricks hacker into showing cheats on streamActivision / BBC

A couple of Warzone players are proving to be the human anti-cheat as they went full Sherlock Holmes mode to make a cheater admit to their wrong doings while on stream.

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time playing Warzone then you have probably run into a cheater or can identify one when you see it. From shameless hackers on stream to taking trucks in the sky, cheating can get out of hand.

However, a group of gamers who were playing in a custom tournament on January 23 set out to be the human anti-cheat.

Following some “suspicious” gameplay, some Warzone players went full detective mode and forced this ‘alleged cheater’ into showing their entire stream that they were using hacks.

Warzone hacker shows cheats on stream

After Kreugerr and ParanoidJr thought a Warzone player was cheating, they decided to hop in a call and have the fishy player share their screen.

The player in question went through a couple of tabs, including their email. This is when they noticed a message from a website that provides cheats.

Hewzor tried to play it off as he searched that into Google, “It’s for Battlefield,” he said. However, the Battlefield website wasn’t the same as the email. When they finally got him to click on the proper link, chaos ensued.

CoD Warzone Roze skinActivision
Warzone players made a hacker admit to cheating through some stealthy work.

After loading the cheat website, the hacker was logged into his account. He started to close everything in his browser and when questioned he said, “That’s for f**king hacks for other games.” Instead of answering their question of “what games did you buy hacks for?”, he left the call and deactivated his Twitter account.

This proved to the community that this player was indeed a cheater and confirmed their allegations that he was wall hacking in a tournament.

At the time of writing this, Hewzor has not been banned on Twitch and he deleted the VOD.