Warzone demon highlights “toxic” loadouts to use for free wins in Season 4

Alec Mullins

Warzone can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to scoring wins but YouTuber and renowned demon Chamu has collected some of the most toxic picks that will make catching a Season 4 W that much easier. 

YouTuber LuckyChamu is always showing off Warzone loadouts of some kind. From the most-effective to the most mind-boggling, the young star always brings something fun to the table.

This time he’s compiled the most headache-inducing combinations from around the internet and tried them out to see which one comes out on top.

Here are some of the most offensive loadouts that the content creator could roundup in Season 4.

Warzone’s most toxic Season 4 loadouts

warzone firefight
It can be tough to catch a win in Warzone but Chamu has some easy win builds for players to try.

There are a couple of familiar entries on the list, like classic RPGs or the Streetsweeper shotgun, but there also some more creative alternatives.

One of the more unique options is a version of the classic M4A1 that drops one of its staple attachments in favor of the M203 40mm Flash launcher.

Instead of jumping into fights with reckless abandon and relying on skill alone, this setup allows for a little bit of flash grenade spam to disorient enemies before engaging.

However, it’s not just a gimmick, the M4 has always been a viable pick as a primary AR, so the resulting fights should be easy to clean up.

Another oddball pick is a Jak-12 loadout that was discovered by FaZe Swagg. This shotgun was deemed broken for much of Season 3, with many players claiming it was just as good as the Gallo shotgun that the devs nerfed into oblivion last year.

The overall build hasn’t changed much, but Chamu did pair it with a Mk11 grenade launcher to take things to a new level of frustrating.

Some of these loadouts are better suited for Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island, but they’ll still work on Caldera, meaning that fans of all maps can take advantage of these builds for a tick-up in their winrate.