Warzone demon Booya reveals “most underrated” MW SMG that dominates Rebirth Island

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone demon Booya reveals "most underrated" MW SMG that dominates Rebirth Island
Activision / Instagram: @gd.booya

If you’re a fan of Rebirth Island gameplay then you definitely have seen Booya in action. The Warzone star has now revealed a new CX-9 loadout that he is calling the most underrated Modern Warfare SMG. 

When it comes to Warzone’s Rebirth mode, players typically look for a long and short-range weapon to dominate the opposition.

Content creator FaZe Booya, is one of the most praised Rebirth players in the community as he is constantly coming up with unique builds.

Booya continues to throw the meta back to older Warzone weapons and instead of using Cold War’s Bullfrog, he’s created a sick loadout with MW’s CX-9.

Warzone prodigy Booya shows Rebirth Island CX-9 loadout

CX-9 Loadout Booya Warzone
Activision / Booya
Here is Booya’s CX-9 loadout that shreds on Rebirth Island.

If you’re just looking for Booya’s setup and don’t need to see him gameplay to validate this class, here’s his full CX-9 setup with attachments:

  • Barrel: CX-38S
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Underbarrel: MercForegrip
  • Stock: CX-FR
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Drums

In this build he uses the CX-38S as it works as a long barrel and has a suppressor built into the attachment. He also has the 5mW Laser and CX-FR to make the gun a hip-fire machine on the map.

Booya’s gameplay speaks for itself but this class makes him look even better than usual. Once the FaZe content creator got his hands on his loadout it was over for the enemies. He uses the CX-9 to single handedly take over Prison.

From his YouTube video you can see that he patiently waits for enemies to fire some bullets and then utilizes the gun’s movement speed to fly at them. Since the SMG has 50 bullets, he is able to do this multiple times without reloading.

It’s important to note that this loadout excels when you start firing before aiming down sights. Even though this gun isn’t soaring with popularity, Booya claims it’s one of the best and only underused due to it being from Modern Warfare 19.