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Warzone Dec 18 update patch notes: MW Tokens change & weapon adjustments

Published: 18/Dec/2020 17:50

by Tanner Pierce


Raven Software have pushed out a brand new update for Warzone and it seems to address some of the biggest complaints since the game’s December 16 Black Ops Cold War integration. The studio confirms that Modern Warfare XP tokens have been re-enabled for Warzone and that weapon adjustments are deploying, alongside a variety of bug fixes.

Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone Season 1 was just released a few days ago and we already have the second update for the game since then. According to Raven, this patch will fix a number of different issues in Warzone, including one of the most talked about aspects since its “relaunch.” Many players were livid when they found out that they couldn’t use their hard-earned Double XP tokens from Modern Warfare and Warzone in Season 1, so those have now been re-enabled.


Further, while official patch notes remain unavailable, fans seem to have discovered that this patch’s “weapon adjustments” could impact the Warzone meta by buffing Black Ops Cold War gun range. There’s also, of course, some standard patch stuff here to break down. Here’s what you need to know.

Warzone Dec 18 early patch notes

Easily the most visible change with this update is the ability to use old Double XP tokens earned during the game’s Modern Warfare era. When the Black Ops Cold War integration happened on December 16, many fans were annoyed by the fact that Raven had removed all previous double XP tokens earned beforehand.


After a ton of outcry from the community, Raven has decided to reenable them. According to the devs, any leftover tokens earned during the Modern Warfare era will be usable in both MW and Warzone going forward but not Black Ops Cold War. In addition, any tokens earned in the foreseeable future will only be usable in Warzone and BOCW.

In addition, Raven also made some other changes to the game. The developer has hidden weapon challenges for guns that don’t exist in-game yet, which allowed players to see some upcoming DLC, and there have also been some weapon adjustments, although what those changes are specifically have yet to be announced.


According to some initial investigating, however, it appears that the Agency Suppressor (which is only available on Black Ops Cold War weapons) has had its damage range buffed (with some reports of recoil control improvements as well). Beyond that, however, there’s no other details about the weapon adjustments as of the time of this writing. We’ll update this story once new information becomes available.

All in all, it’s nice to see Raven supporting the game so much and releasing new updates so quickly. Here’s hoping the full extent of this patch becomes available soon, as the community has been hoping for more weapon changes (looking at you R9-0 shotgun) since the Season 1 update.