Warzone Death and Taxes LTM: New BR mode explained

Andrew Highton
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The new Death and Taxes LTM has some CoD Warzone players scratching their heads as to what the mode’s changes entail. So, we’ve put together a quick and handy guide that should explain everything.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is starting to get a bit crazy what with the looming appearance of Godzilla and all. The themed event ties into Warzone Season 3, but Raven are not waiting until the new season to drop never-before-seen content.

Death and Taxes is an entirely new LTM in Warzone and it has temporarily replaced the game’s traditional Battle Royale mode.

What is this mysterious new game mode and how do you win?


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Cash can buy all the good stuff you need to win in Warzone.

What is Death and Taxes LTM in Warzone?

Like Clash or Iron Trials, Death and Taxes is a limited-time mode that has replaced the default Battle Royale mode and allows players to keep coming back from the Gulag with their full quota of cash intact.

April is the end of the tax period for the US and the UK and can be stressful for many and also quite fruitful for some with healthy rebates! The new Death and Taxes LTM ties directly into this.

How do you win Death and Taxes LTM in Warzone?

Quite simply, Death and Taxes is still your typical Battle Royale mode and the only way to win is to outlast every other player as the map becomes engulfed in poisonous gas.

As we’ve said, there are two primary differences: the Gulag and Death Tax.


When you die in normal BR, you are sent to the Gulag for a final reprieve. In Death and Taxes, until the Gulag shuts, as long as you can keep winning your Gulag fight, you’ll keep coming back to the match.

Death Tax

When you die in Warzone you face the showdown in the Gulag. If you win, you drop back into Caldera, but at the cost of most of the money you had accumulated before your death. Death and Taxes is very generous and lets you re-enter the fray with your full allocation of funds you died with.

How long is Warzone’s Death and Taxes LTM around for?

The mode went live on April 18, 2022, and will be sticking around in CoD Warzone for a full 24 hours. After that, we expect it will be replaced by the normal Battle Royale modes again, but we coudl always see the LTM return down the line if it’s popular enough.

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