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Warzone pro ClutchBelk faces backlash after mocking female streamer

Published: 26/Sep/2021 23:42 Updated: 26/Sep/2021 23:46

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone player ClutchBelk is facing backlash from the community after an interaction with SenseiSwishem. The pro was playing a tournament when things got personal and he proceeded to mock the female streamer.

Chandler ‘ClutchBelk’ Belk became a rising star in the Warzone scene back when it was released with Modern Warfare.

Belk signed with CDL pro team Los Angeles Guerrillas as a content creator earlier in 2021, but a week later, things fell apart.

While ClutchBelk has earned over $66,000 from Warzone tournaments the pro caught himself in the middle of a controversy following an interaction with NYSL streamer, SenseiSwishem.

ClutchBelk faces backlash after mocking SenseiSwishem

The pro was playing in a Warzone tournament when he killed SenseiSwishem, and things were fine until a mod posted a message in her Twitch chat.


To poke fun at it, Sensei posted a screenshot of the message in Belk’s Discord. It seemed like harmless fun but ClutchBelk said, “Why are you so pressed?”

This led to a back and forth conversation between the two where Belk accused her of “crying about it.” Other people like Newbz and Queenshadows jumped in asking why ClutchBelk was so angry over nothing but he said he wasn’t.

Everything seemed to pass over as just being a little altercation but things picked up after ClutchBelk started talking about it in his stream.

He mocked her and said, “Does she not know how f**king dumb she sounds, what are you crying for, are we in elementary school?” It would go on for a little longer where Belk took some shots at SenseiSwishem.


He was killed by another female player, Queenshadows, and said “Look at that sitting on the roof like a good b***h.”

In another clip, Sensei even accused Belk’s mother of calling her a “b***h.” You can see the full thread of clips by clicking here.

In ClutchBelk’s latest stream, he started off by addressing the situation. He wanted to get that stuff settled and “out of his chat.” At the time of writing, his VODs are not viewable to the public but someone posted a clip to Twitter from the start of his stream.

For now, there are two sides to the story but more females have since come out to accuse ClutchBelk of being sexist toward them.


If the story develops, we will update you but for now, Belk has taken his stance saying he treats everyone equally.