Warzone community furious as “naked” AoT players are streaking across Caldera

. 4 months ago
Warzone Naked AoT skin players

Warzone fans are losing their minds as “naked men” or anime-lovers are running loose on Caldera with the new Attack on Titan skin bundle. 

The Armored Titan skin that hit the store has seen plenty of positive feedback from the Call of Duty community.

Fan think this pack did a better job at portraying the anime theme into the FPS than the original Levi skin did.

Despite all of the positivity, there are a handful of gamers that are frustrated with it as they are sick of seeing naked Operators run wild on Caldera.

Warzone fans sick of AoT naked skin bundle

Reddit user ‘DefunctHunk_COD’ posted a thread titled “my lobbies are filled with naked men.”

Without any context this is without a doubt one of the strangest things to claim in Warzone. But, the community seems to be in agreement with it.

As seen in the picture, the Armored Titan, appears in straight flesh and no clothing, is being labeled as naked. While you don’t actually need to shield your eyes from nudity, fans are sick of seeing this monster streaking around.

One Redditor said, “To each their own but I hate it. S**t just looks ridiculous.” While another added, “I don’t see the appeal in wearing light tan skin, you stick out like an ugly sore thumb.”

armored titan running in cod vanguard
The inclusion of the Armored Titan has divided the Warzone community.

Some people think it’s just a money scheme to get people to buy these crazy skins. While others added that Warzone is becoming too “unrealistic.”

However, with rumors of Snoop Dogg, King Kong, and other collaborations coming to the game, it appears that more out-of-the-ordinary collaborations could be on the way soon.

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