Warzone community demands WW2-themed skins instead of “anime s**t”

Warzone community demands WW2-themed skins instead of "anime s**t"Activision

As Warzone continues to get new Operator skins, fans are now calling for Activision to add some World War 2-themed ones over the likes of skins from animes like Attack on Titan. 

Warzone has seen some wild skins since the change to the Pacific. Players have had two different Attack on Titan bundles, battle pass skins, and other cool cosmetics.

Despite the love these skins have seen, specifically the Armored Titan one, players are getting fed up with these anime skins.

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Now, fans are begging Call of Duty to add some “realistic skins” to match the World War 2 theme that Caldera is supposed to be bringing.

call of duty warzone pacific yegor ukrainian operator skinActivision
Warzone players want to see more solider-based skins.

Warzone players want World War 2 skins 

With Warzone’s transition to the Pacific, the World War 2 theme has been put into full effect. Through Fighter Planes and weaponry, the game has seen many aspects of that era, expect for one.

In a Reddit post by ‘LegionOfGrixis’ the user has hopped on the bandwagon that’s en route to get some “authentic” skins put into the battle royale.

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However, players feel that Warzone is missing out on “easy” opportunities to put WW2 lookalike skins in the game.

armored titan running in cod vanguardActivision
Warzone players want actual WW2 skins and not anime characters running around Caldera.

User ‘whomstd-ve’ is part of that crowd that wants a basic skin to reflect the war. “Vanguard needs military simulation operators. I just want to play as a standard issue serviceman, not some anime s**t.”

Another Redditor is completely fed up with Warzone skins this year. “The skins so far for Vanguard have been absolutely terrible… They need some new artists or something.”

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The community has been extremely divided this year regarding the skin game and it seems this conflict is going to be occurring for a while as both sides demand for specific skins.