Warzone community clowns hacker’s “completely legit” 3rd person world record

Jaret Kappelman

Warzone players are constantly pushing the limits of Verdansk, going for as many kills as possible. While some world records seem impossible to break, hackers are determined to destroy these, one using a third-person POV to drop 108 kills. 

Players are constantly dropping into Verdansk in hopes of achieving new heights when it comes to kill totals.

World records are one of the most prestigious accomplishments in Warzone and only the elite of the elite have what it takes to set these bars.

However, the community was having a blast with one player, who shattered a Warzone world record with 108 kills. Turns out the person was using an unusual hack, a third-person POV mod.

Warzone players are making fun of a hacker that got 108 kills while using a 3rd person hack.

Warzone community mocks hacker’s third-person world record

The Warzone community has been infested with cheaters lately. Despite banning numerous accounts, Activision are still trying to manage their problem with cheaters.

Warzone content creator, IceManIsaac, took to Twitter to post an impressive Duos world record performance by a player with 108 kills. This was only for the community to mock this player as they discovered the record was “broken” by a hacker using a third-person POV.

While 108 kills are extremely impressive, Warzone players were not going to let this go without repercussions after realizing the person was live streaming with cheats.

One person was quick to respond with a clip from the hacker’s stream that shows off this person’s point of view. Turns out they not only had aim hacks, but were playing in third person.

Other players clowned this “world record” after discovering that the player was a blatant cheater.

Not only was this person cheating, but was doing so live on Twitch. The community rallied, posting this cheater’s stream link in tons of places.

Activision took notice and banned the player’s account and Twitch have banned them from streaming on their platform.