Warzone cheaters using third-person mode hack to completely ruin games

Jacob Hale
warzone operator

Warzone hackers have started playing the game in third person, giving themselves the best field of view possible and making it even easier to destroy lobbies.

Hacking has long been an issue in Warzone, ever since the game launched and became one of the most popular titles in the world. Even with the introduction of RICOCHET anti-cheat, hackers are still able to manipulate the game to their advantage, and while there are fewer cheaters in the game now, some still sneak through the gaps.

They ruin everyone else’s games and, much more annoyingly, they always find ways to make the game even easier (and more frustrating for opponents) with new ways to cheat.

While cheaters still predominantly rely on wallhacks and aimbot to rack up easy kills, even they are looking for ways to keep the game fresh.

We’ve seen some crazy hacks, with players able to swiftly climb cliffs to reach their enemies, as well as flying cars and super-speed demons.

Now, third-person gameplay is taking over, giving players an even better view around them and making it far easier to spot opponents surrounding them.

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This isn’t the first time third-person hacks have arrived in Warzone, though, with cheaters able to do the same for a short time in 2021, too.

One player even broke the duos world record using third-person hacks before but was quickly exposed and mocked online for his efforts.

It’s not clear how long it will take for Activision to put an end to these cheats, with players complaining that the situation has got a lot worse since Season 4 launched, but it has also prompted some to question whether a third-person mode could be put into Warzone to change the game up.