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Warzone cheaters turn Mines into deathtrap with frustrating wallbreach glitch

Published: 20/Jan/2022 15:28

by Shay Robson


Warzone cheaters have been found to be glitching insider walls for cheap and easy wins in the Mines section of the Caldera map.

Since Warzone’s release, players have gradually become accustomed to all sorts of cheaters and bug abusers that have plagued the game.

With the new Warzone map Caldera released in December, fans were hopeful that a lot of the issues would be ironed out with the introduction of Ricochet anti-cheat. However, it proved to not be as effective as expected, with flying car hacks returning.

Besides obvious cheaters flying around in cars, some cheaters take the less obvious route of abusing bugs and glitches. The latest annoyance found is with players glitching inside pillars of the Mines section of the map.


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A Reddit thread posted by Warzone player Aranonlas on January 19 shared a clip of them dying from a cheater that was glitched inside of a wall, making them impossible to see.

In the clip, Aranonalas entered a building to be immediately mowed down by the cheater. Absolutely puzzled from where they were shot from, it was clear in the killcam that the other player was inside a wall.

“Being able to hide in containers like that. Didn’t know Warzone is that realistic,” said Aranonlas.

As it turns out, other players have had a similar experience when entering that building that is seemingly located in the Mines area of the Caldera map.


“Oh sh*t, I died in that room and thought he was on a nasty heady,” said YouAreWeird. “Just realizing he was probably fazed into the container, good looking out! I will avoid.”

When choosing your next drop in Caldera, it’s probably best to stay away from that area of the map until the Raven Software devs patch the bug.