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Warzone cheaters openly mock anti-cheat with hacked usernames

Published: 3/Jan/2022 11:04

by Nathan Warby


Cheaters have been an ongoing issue in Warzone for some time, as lobbies were overrun with players breaking the rules. Now, as RICOCHET anti-cheat is working to solve the problem, the remaining hackers have begun openly mocking Raven Software.

Almost every online multiplayer game has its fair share of cheaters to deal with, and Warzone has suffered more than most. Ever since its 2020 launch, the CoD battle royale has been plagued with hackers pulling off wall bangs and flying around the map.

Thankfully, along with the release of Warzone Pacific Season 1, Raven Software introduced RICOCHET anti-cheat to tackle the issue. But despite an overall feeling of satisfaction among the community, some cheaters have still managed to slip through the cracks.


Warzone Pacific gameplay
Anti-cheat certainly helped the issue, but hackers are still making their way into Warzone.

The ones who have managed to stick around seem to be doing everything in their power to get one over in the developers. In fact, some have even resorted to blatantly taunting Raven with their in-game names and clan tags.

In a post on the official Warzone SubReddit, user JimShirls showed how Warzone cheaters were mocking the devs. In a squad of four players, two of the members were named “@YesImHacking” and “ITz-NoT-LUCK” respectively.

Meanwhile, a third player in the squad had also managed to change their clan tag to an image of the Raven Software logo. This clearly indicated that the team was hacking, and they wanted to let everyone, including the game’s creators, know.


The poster also noted in a comment that the squad racked up around 70 kills. Anyone who has played Warzone will know that this is almost impossible without the help of cheats.

Cheaters openly mocking Raven. from CODWarzone

This doesn’t appear to be the only instance of hackers mocking the developers. Other users commented saying they have bumped to players named “NiceAnticheat” and “ActivisionLOL.”

It’s also not too dissimilar to the Apex Legends hackers who managed to break the game by adding emojis to their usernames. While many cheaters will try and slip under the radar, it appears that others don’t mind making it blatantly obvious.


While there’s no doubt that the arrival of anti-cheat in Warzone is a huge step in the right direction, unfortunately, it appears that a handful of cheaters will always find their way in. But, fans can take comfort in the fact they are becoming a rarer and rarer sight.