Warzone cheaters have leaked unreleased football skins

Warzone stadium gunfightActivision

Warzone cheaters may have leaked some of the upcoming Operator skins arriving in the Call of Duty battle royale hit, with football skins set to arrive in the store at some point.

Cosmetics such as weapon camos and Operator skins have become increasingly popular over the years, and Call of Duty is definitely no exception.

Popular collaborations with the likes of Scream and Godzilla vs King Kong have proven to be a hit among players who want the cosmetics to show off, with upcoming collabs — such as the announced one with The Terminator — no doubt going to be yet another hit.

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That said, there are also some very popular skins and camos that don’t come off the back of working with large film studios — and these may fall into that category, as cheaters are bringing new skins to the game for the first time once again.

Fortnite NFL skinsEpic Games/NFL
Fortnite famously had a partnership with the NFL that brought skins to the game — but the Warzone ones look slightly different.

One thing some cheaters like to do is use unlock tools to add unreleased items to their inventory, be it blueprints, weapon camos, or anything else in between. Now, it’s football skins.

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These skins — shown below in a Reddit post from thehumantrypod — see operators donning a jersey and cleats as well as a classic football helmet.

It’s unclear at the time of writing whether there are going to be personalization options available for the skins, with different colors or numbers available than those shown in this image.

This skin looks different from those seen in Fortnite, where official NFL skins for each franchise made their way into the game and allowed players to rep their favorite colors.

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Instead, these seem to be more neutral, though that might not be the case if customization is possible.

When we could expect these skins to officially arrive in Warzone is not yet clear, though if cheaters are unlocking them in-game, we should expect them before long.

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