Warzone cheaters are getting free kills by glitching under Fortune’s Keep map

Fortune's Keep in WarzoneActivision

Warzone cheaters have always loved glitching out of the map to earn free kills and be invisible to their opponents, and now Fortune’s Keep is being ruined by them too.

For as long as Call of Duty has been a thing, players have been finding ways to glitch out of maps and hide in invisible spots from opponents, able to rack up easy kills and wins.

Battle royale hit Warzone has been no different, with players across each and every map finding cheap ways to exploit the boundaries of the map and kill unsuspecting opponents.

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While this issue hasn’t been as rampant since the Vanguard integration and the introduction of Warzone Pacific, it’s not completely unheard of — but now players are ruining Fortune’s Keep with these glitches too.

Fortune’s Keep is still fairly fresh in Warzone, a newer alternative to Rebirth Island for players looking to get in and out of the action as quickly as possible.

It became an immediate hit among players, who quickly swarmed to the new map that is perhaps the most popular in Warzone since Verdansk, which players are still pining to see return.

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As always, though, some people have got to ruin the fun. It’s a rarity on Fortune’s Keep, but players are starting to discover that you can glitch under the map, as Worried-Rain-8323 learned the hard way in the clip below.

Traversing across the map as the player count started to dwindle, Rain was running into the circle when they got hastily gunned down by an opponent they couldn’t see.

It wasn’t until they watched the killcam that they realized a player was simply hiding underneath the map, waiting for opponents to run past before gunning them down.

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While this isn’t a new phenomenon in Call of Duty, it’s especially frustrating in Warzone where you might not have the opportunity to simply respawn and return to battle. Hopefully, developers Raven Software will get this fixed sooner rather than later.