Warzone cheater furious after being eliminated by fellow hacker on stream

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Sep 19, 2021
Warzone player sat by loadout box

Cheating has run rampant in Warzone and ruined the experience for many, but sometimes the tables hilariously get turned on hackers by their fellow cheaters.

For the longest time, Warzone players have had to deal with cheaters in one form or another. Some go all out and use God Mode hacks – making them invincible – while others still to wallhacks and aimbots.

The rise of cheating has pushed many players to ditch Warzone and pick up something different –  mainly Apex Legends – but plenty of players have stuck around too, as Raven Software and Activision attempt to stamp out the hacking.

With hacks being prevalent in pretty much every lobby at this point, it’s hard to not run into a cheater, but sometimes, even cheaters can’t escape the clutches of their fellow hackers.

Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Redditor DingDingDongDotJPG pointed to a clip from Facebook Gaming streamer HackingFredward who was using wallhacks in a game of Warzone and spotted an enemy looking his way.

Even though he was trying to get into some action for the viewers, the cheating streamer’s game wasn’t about to last too long given they’d been seen. Though, he didn’t predict just how he was going to be eliminated.

After being gunned down, he suggested that something wasn’t quite right. “Oh, he’s cheating bro!” the streamer called out. “Come on, you saw the walls there. Everybody is cheating in this game, holy s**t.”

While many couldn’t believe just how easy the cheats made the game for the hackers, plenty of others couldn’t help but laugh at the cheater on cheater violence.