Warzone change would make perks better without buffing them


Call of Duty players want Raven Software to make lootable perks easier and better to use, and one creative fan has come up with a solution that could be pretty perfect.

When it comes to dropping into a game of Warzone, having the right setup for your loadout is a pretty massive key to ultimately gaining a victory.

You can have your favorite weapons and equipment, but perks play a massive role as well – especially the likes of Serpentine and Overkill, which are pretty much must-use in the battle royale’s current meta.

Raven Software have, recently, tried to shake things up with the addition of lootable perks. As the name suggests, you can find these perks through contracts and loot boxes, and while they don’t create many headaches, some players would like to see a quality of life fix to make them easier to use.

Warzone players want clever change to lootable perks

A number of fans across social media, including Redditor TheMilkMan4, have suggested that it should be possible to see which perks you’re running in-game after having picked them up as it sometimes “isn’t apparent” which ones you have.

That led to another player, RealGSusDude, putting forward a concept for how it could look if Raven decided to implement it – and it’s pretty simple.

In the Redditor’s idea, fans would be able to see what perks they’re running as a part of the mini-map screen, with the emblems for each perk showing up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. RealGSusDude even showed different options, one with perks being highlighted as you go, and one where they show up individually.

While some Warzone fans were onboard with the idea, others suggested that it could be a little more clearer and immediate to see. “They could put the perks you’ve picked up as small emblems under your kill count/total players left,” added one fan.

Given that it isn’t exactly a pressing concern, it’s unlikely that Raven Software of Activision will implement the idea – or similar – before long. Though, it could be something to consider for Warzone 2.