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Warzone Challenges bug hints Most Wanted contracts returning in Season 4

Published: 6/Jun/2020 23:59

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone players are somehow finding “Most Wanted” contracts under their Daily Challenges, suggesting that the experimental contract may be returning in Season 4. 

On April 30, Infinity Ward added a Most Wanted contract to Warzone, which, when picked up, made a player a target for all enemies on the map and would then award a good deal of money (and automatic buy-backs for all fallen teammates) should they survive the contract’s full duration.

But its addition came at the expense of all traditional “Bounty” contracts, which was widely frowned upon—so Most Wanted was shelved after just one day. Now, players have been encountering bugged Daily Challenges requiring the completion of the discontinued contract, suggesting either that some Season 3 holdovers are popping back up or, more likely, that it will be returning for the game’s highly anticipated fourth season. 


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Samito, Youtube / Infinity Ward
When someone picks up a Most Wanted contract, they appear on everyone’s map as a red crown—a veritable target on their back.

Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 was expected to launch on June 3, Infinity Ward announced that it would be pushed back until further notice because, rather than being the right time for a gaming event, “now it’s time for those speaking up for equality, justice, and change to be seen and heard.”

While people wonder if Infinity Ward or Activision Blizzard will pledge a portion of their proceeds from Season 4’s Battle Pass to organizations in support of the movement (similar to EA, who donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter organizations while adding a BLM splash page to Apex Legends), some continue to speculate as to what content will come along with the new event and the buggy presence of Most Wanted contracts is intriguing. 


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Complete Most Wanted contracts??? How? from CODWarzone

The contracts themselves can’t be blamed for their removal, as people were more bothered by their replacement of the ever-popular Bounties. It’s not entirely clear why both options can’t coexist, as the developers never fully explained why the removal came so suddenly after one day and couldn’t instead be solved by having both in the game.

There seems to be two possibilities at hand: 1) Infinity Ward doesn’t want to have more than three contract types in the game at once or 2) they believe that having two contract types with such similar energies is somehow intrinsically damaging to the game’s rhythm. 


The former doesn’t really make sense, as variety is the spice of life and people already juggling three types along with player-specific XP challenges can handle a new contract being added. 

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As for the latter, Warzone is such a popular battle royale because of its potential for action and gunplay—that’s why Bounties are so popular and why adding another, similarly action-oriented seems more likely to encourage more of what people like from the game.

It remains unclear what Season 4 will hold, but the potential for high-octane gameplay would most certainly rise with the addition of Most Wanted contracts, alongside the current three options.