Warzone Buy Station glitch is still breaking games with no fix in sight

warzone buy stationsActivision

One of Warzone’s longest-running glitches with Buy Stations is still ruining games after years of player complaints with no fix in sight to alleviate the issue.

Raven Software has been introducing remedies for Warzone’s other persistent problems like loot spawn on Rebirth and bugs with the social side of the battle royale. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

For years CoD players have been reeling from the bugged Buy Stations that would regularly disrupt the game. Though the devs have solved problems like the bizarre freezing glitch and the like, there’s one that hasn’t been solved to this day.

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Veteran fans will be familiar with the game-breaking bug that makes Buy Stations a one-way trip if you lay on the floor next to one while it unfolds.

Warzone Buy Station bug strikes again

warzone buy stationsActivision
Warzone Buy Stations are still ruining games years after complaints were raised about the same bug.

Newer Warzone players who might not be used to Buy Statins are quickly finding this problem for themselves.

“Long story short I went to get a self revive and a UAV at the Prison Courtyard Buy Station, and this glitch happened to me causing me to glitch into the Buy Station,” Redditor ‘ThermiteKing’ said.

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The clip was quickly met by seasoned Warzone players who’ve had this happen to them. It’s a hazard that’s basically taken as part of the game these days but it can still take players of all skill levels by surprise.

“Been an issue for a very very very long time,” user ‘PowerCrazedSoul‘ said. “It’s happened to me idk how many times. it’s inconsistent so sometimes I’ll forget to not sit near the buy station and then the game is ruined.”

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This glitch has been showing up since 2020 and it doesn’t look like a permanent fix will be coming anytime soon.

While it’s inconvenient, Warzone players are better off making their purchase than giving Buy Stations all the space so as to avoid a guaranteed death.

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