Warzone bug lets players teleport in and out of the Gulag

Infinity Ward / Activision

Warzone players have found a strange bug with the Gulag that randomly teleports them in and out of Verdansk while waiting for a chance to respawn, following the major Season 6 update.

Warzone’s Season 6 update introduced many new changes to the popular battle royale title, with two weapons, a battle pass, and an in-game subway system now added to let players fast-travel around the map.

The recent major update has not come without its problems and there have been a few bizarre bugs cropping up in Warzone, as seen with the self-revive glitch that has affected players in Verdansk’s subway.

However, it now seems as if the Gulag has also been affected by the latest changes, and players have highlighted a strange glitch that teleports them out of the waiting area, ahead of their match.

Warzone characters at subwayInfinity Ward
Warzone Season 6 introduced a new subway system for players to travel around the map.

Once players die in Warzone, they are usually sent to wait in the Gulag for a short period before matching up with another player and fighting for the chance to drop back into Verdansk.

Following the Season 6 update, on September 28, Warzone players such as u/SyleathS-TV have seemingly been getting back into the action early, allowing them to deal a bit more damage while waiting for their Gulag opponent.

The Warzone player shared this unusual clip, revealing that they had been randomly teleported back into the Subway after dying in-game.

After respawning back in Verdansk’s Metro, the player seemingly surprised an enemy who was waiting in the train, by retrieving a weapon and even managing to pick up an extra kill on the unsuspecting opponent.

However, shortly after getting the kill, SyleathS was finally placed back in the Gulag and was left quite confused at just what was happening in the Warzone match.

While it is unclear what might be causing this unusual bug with the Gulag, it is likely that Infinity Ward will be looking to patch the issues in a future update.