Warzone players find another infinite ammo exploit just days after latest bug fix


Yet another new infinite ammo exploit has been uncovered in Warzone, despite the last bug fix arriving less than a week ago to specifically patch the issue.

Since Warzone’s transition to Caldera with the Season 1 update, players have been abusing a number of game-breaking bugs. While some have completely ruined lobbies with flying vehicles, others have provided an endless supply of ammunition for cheeky wins.

At first, players unearthed a trick with reload animations. Simply swapping to a different weapon at the right moment allowed certain guns to keep on firing. A week later, this particular exploit was swiftly removed from the game.

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However, just days after this January 20 patch fixed the problem, a new version has now taken Caldera by storm; once again, the community has found another way to gain unlimited ammo in Warzone.

“Don’t mind me, just farming bullets,” Reddit user ‘AlexandruMacedon’ shared on January 26, six days after the original bug fix. In the span of just a few seconds, they were able to generate over a thousand AR/LMG rounds.

This new trick ties directly to Vanguard’s weapon pool. Following the integration, the newest Warzone guns are able to equip two Weapon Perks. One such Perk is Fully Loaded.

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While the attachment intends to boost ammo reserves when first equipping a gun, there’s a way to game the system. By dropping all your ammo along with the desired weapon, you can then pick the gun back up and be met with full reserves once again.

Each time you repeat the exploit provides another full inventory of ammo. In essence, you’ll never run out of bullets in Warzone again so long as you equip the Fully Loaded Perk.

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CoD Vanguard loadoutActivision
Fully Loaded on Vanguard weapons is the source of this new Warzone exploit.

Naturally, many believe this new exploit will be “nerfed very quickly.” But for the time being, Raven Software is yet to address the latest bug.

Expect to see far more loadouts incorporating Fully Loaded in the meantime. After all, never running dry is a huge advantage in the CoD battle royale.

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