Warzone analyst claims the Bren was ‘stealth nerfed’ in recent patch

. 4 months ago
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Call of Duty: Warzone analyst TrueGameData is advising players that the popular Bren LMG was ‘stealth nerfed’ in a recent update. According to his research, the meta weapon’s locational damage multipliers have been tweaked.

There are basically two analysts in the Warzone community that are trusted by streamers and fans alike. The first is JGOD, whose loadouts are used by most top players. The second is TrueGameData, whose weapon research regularly unearths secret changes and bugs.

The latter, TGD, is now warning players that their preferred LMG just might not be as punchy as it once was.

With months of the Bren dominating the meta, players grew frustrated with the powerful weapon and called for nerfs. It was, then, nerfed on March 2 – but TGD believes another set of silent nerfs were also deployed.

Warzone Bren LMG secretly nerfed?

As TGD explained, the Bren seems to have received “a stealth nerf sometime in the last couple of patches.” 

Going into detail, the gun researcher noted that the upper arm and stomach damage multiplies, which used to have the same profile as chest damage, “now do lower extremities damage” instead.

For those concerned that these changes might have made the gun unusable, he then comforted players that the LMG remains “top tier.”

call of duty warzone pacific bren lmg nerf
Activision / Pixabay
The Bren has been nerfed before, but that hasn’t stopped it from coming back.

Back in February, a patch did reveal a similar nerf to the Bren’s upper arm and stomach multipliers. That update did not specify whether or not the decreased multipliers were in line with lower-extremity values, though, so it’s unclear whether TGD simply missed that patch or if this is a further nerf than before.

Regardless, those who use the Bren shouldn’t be too worried. It’s useful to know that the gun doesn’t damage upper arms and stomachs as much as before, but it remains one of the meta primary weapons and very viable.

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