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Warzone adds Portable Redeploy Balloons & Weapon Trade Stations to Caldera in Season 4

Published: 22/Jun/2022 16:11

by Alec Mullins


Warzone Season 4 has long been teased to bring a whole new flavor of gameplay to Caldera and the addition of two new features — the portable Redeploy Balloon and the Weapon Trading Station—serve as the base for that sweeping change.

Mercenaries of Fortune is here and Warzone is set for a big-time gameplay shakeup.

On top of the standard weapon balancing changes, Season 4 is bringing a ton of new features to the forefront.

The two biggest changes to gameplay though are the arrival of the Weapon Trading Station from Rebirth Island and the debut of a portable version of the Redeploy Balloons that were previously stationary around the map.


Portable Redeploy Balloons and Weapon Trade Stations on Caldera

Weapon Trade Stations on Rebirth Island
These Trade Stations allow players to collect big rewards if they sacrifice their precious weapons.

Weapon Trade Stations first popped up on Rebirth Island as part of the Season Two Reloaded update.

These interactive workshops allowed players to trade in high-quality weapons in exchange for more common weapons that come with big upgrades in return.

So if a player traded in a Legendary rarity weapon, they would get a Rare alternative back but also receive a Legendary Field Upgrade, some Tacticals, and maybe even a Specialist token as a reward.

This mechanic will work much the same on Caldera, allowing players to gain access to upgrades faster than ever before.

Portable Redeploy Balloons will also speed the game up significantly for players brave enough to take advantage of them and soar through the open skies.


Just like the ones that are already around the map, this new version will allow players to zipline up into the air and reposition a fair distance across the map from wherever it’s placed.

Between the addition of this instant chase-or-escape tool and the underground Mine Cart system that was added in Season 3, Caldera should play faster than ever in this new season.

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