Warzone 2’s brand-new loot system is already broken after Season 2 update

player looking at loot box in warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 players have mostly been crying out for the game to revert back to the series’ classic loot system, which Season 2 has done. But it’s come at a price as the Warzone 2 loot system seems broken and not working as intended.

Since the game’s launch, Warzone 2 has slowly been undoing some of the changes that made it so different from the original battle royale experience. The Gulag has rediscovered its 1v1 battles of old and loadouts drops being prevalent once more are just two examples of the game going back to how things used to be.

Another area where this is the case is in its loot system. The newer CoD entry opted for a more methodical backpack system to loot players, instead of loot popping out everywhere, but now we’re back to the fountain of goodies in Season 2.

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Not everything is rosy though as players are finding that the new system isn’t behaving entirely as it should, and its glitchy nature means that loot is actually being lost.

Warzone 2 loot system isn’t working properly

Warzone 2 Reddit user misternt shared a video with the online community showing an example of how loot can have the tendency to not appear correctly, being misplaced altogether in some cases.

The user sarcastically said: “The ground loot system is a great upgrade, especially for hidden caches.”

In their shared video, they showed themself running over to one of the game’s many hidden caches to grab some extra loot and open it.

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However, upon doing so, the loot that popped up into the air almost immediately disappeared again as it fell back down into the ground – becoming completely inaccessible.

“It still boggles my mind that people prefer vomit loot. If they knew how to do it properly, yes, but we knew it would end up like this,” said one user in response to the recent changes.

Another player added their hot take: “It’s disheartening to see them cave to The cry babies who want Warzone 1.5. If they continue with this trend not only will they not end up pleasing the WZ1 whiners, but will chase away the people who liked the game more as it released.”

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A new update has already been issued recently to fix game crashes and a new revive glitch, so we’ll have to see if any adjustments are made to the new loot system going forward.