Warzone 2 survey hints at return of Caldera, Verdansk or Blackout map

Caldera and Verdansk with WZ2.0 logoActivision

A new Warzone 2 survey, deployed by Activision, has pointed to the return of a number of Call of Duty battle royale environments from the past, including Caldera and Verdansk. 

Since Warzone 2 dropped in November 2022, fans have only had one map – Al Mazrah – to drop into. 

That looks set to change with Season Two, which is expected to bring a Resurgence environment to the battle royale sequel.

There have been other rumors that past Warzone environments, like Verdansk, will be coming to Warzone 2 across its life cycle. Details, though, have been scarce. 

Caldera, Verdansk, or Blackout map could come in Warzone 2

However, on January 27, a survey by Activision pointed to the inclusion of one of Call of Duty’s historic BR maps, with the potential for any to drop. 

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Highlighted by our sister site CharlieIntel, the survey in question asks CoD fans: “Which of the following would you prefer for the next Warzone big map? Please rank your top three.” 

An all-new map is an option, but players can also choose any of the preceding Warzone environments – Verdansk ‘84, Caldera, or original Verdansk. 

There is even the option for the Blackout map, the battle royale that accompanied Black Ops 4. 

While it does not confirm the environment that will succeed Al Mazrah, it indicates a willingness on the devs’ behalf to drop any of the previous environments depending on player feedback. 

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A number of Warzone 2’s changes have been criticized and the Season Two adjustments already announced have been seen by many as an attempt to return to what made Warzone so popular. Gulag will revert to 1v1 and major looting changes will see it brought in line with the first WZ. 

The reintroduction of Verdansk or Caldera would be another huge step in that direction.