Warzone 2 streamer trolls teammates with their own voices in hilarious prank

Warzone 2 operators gather for a fight in Al-Mazrah.Activision

Warzone 2 streamer Nixstah nearly caused his squad to fall apart thanks to a hilarious prank where he used their own voices against them.

Warzone 2 has seen a ton of silly pranks in its young life already. From trolling enemies with Inflatable Decoys to using voice recordings to scare the life out of others in the lobby, it’s been a veritable circus in Al-Mazrah since launch.

Nixstah’s idea of recording his own teammates as they argue and then using the clips to instigate the situation even further might be the funniest yet though.

Warzone 2 streamer trolls teammates with their own voices in funny game chat prank

His brilliant plan was formed right as two of his squadmates started getting into it with each other. Acting fast, Nixstah clipped out the recording of their argument and stoked tensions even higher.

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One player thought the argument was still going, while the one whose voice had been recorded simply thought he was lagging.

“Chill out, why are we still talking about this?” the squadmate warned as his teammate’s voice came back through the chat.

“I gotta be lagging ’cause why would this pop up in my mic?” the confused victim asked.

The team remained confused until Nix took it one time too far and they started to unravel the pieces, with one of them asking if the other “heard this” in reference to the echo.

“Oh yeah, he gotta be trolling,” they deduced together.

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While the effect was short-lived in this particular lobby, this idea has the potential to spread and cause chaos amongst teams that aren’t quite as relaxed as the two unwilling participants were in this particular go around.