Warzone 2 specialist reveals “sleeper OP” battle rifle that dominates Al Mazrah

Lachmann 762 in MW2 Gunsmith with WZ2.0 logoActivision

Warzone 2 YouTuber Metaphor has claimed the Lachmann 762 is “sleeper OP” in the battle royale sequel, despite a lackluster pick rate in Al Mazrah’s current meta.

Warzone 2’s meta, much like its predecessor battle royale, is ever-changing and fluid depending on the prevailing playstyle and weapon buffs and nerfs from the developers.

As a result, players are always scratching around to find weapons that are incredibly powerful but fly under the radar.

Modern Warfare 2 retained Battle Rifles as a weapon category; a middle ground between ARs and Sniper Rifles.

The majority have been ignored in favor of more consistent and fully automatic weapons like the TAQ V or RPK but, according to expert Metaphor, there’s one battle rifle that’s actually overpowered if you give it a chance and rock the best build possible.

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“Sleeper OP” Lachmann 762 dominates Warzone 2.0

In a February 1 YouTube video, Metaphor outlined his go-to build of the MW2 Battle Rifle, explaining that it drops opponents incredibly quickly and consistently when deployed at medium to long range.

“I’m not gonna lie to you guys, this gun is actually good,” he said. “This might seem like a troll… This thing packs a hell of a punch… with this setup, it’s actually nasty.”

His build is based on using the gun as a semi-automatic DMR, rather than opting for its fully-automatic option:

  • Barrel: 15.9″ Lachmann RAPP Barrel (max tuning for recoil steadiness & damage range)
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40 (max tuning for ADS speed)
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro (max tuning for ADS speed & far eye position)
  • Stock: LM-S Factory G79 Stock (max tuning for ADS speed & aiming idle stability)
  • Magazine: 30-Round Magazine

With the Lachmann 762 in players’ primary weapon slots, there’s just the matter of a secondary to run.

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Given the gun’s emphasis on medium to long ranges, we’d recommend a strong SMG like the Fennec or Vaznev 9K to ensure you’re covered for all engagements.