Warzone 2 specialist reveals M13B Season Two “buff” was secretly a nerf

M13B in Warzone 2 & MW2 GunsmithActivision

Warzone 2 specialist TrueGameData has revealed that the M13B assault rifle, which ostensibly received a hefty buff in the Season Two update, was actually nerfed. 

Warzone 2’s second season of post-launch content brought plenty of much-anticipated content to the battle royale. 

1v1 Gulags are back, as is ‘vomit’ looting. The new Ashika Island map offers players a Resurgence environment to get their teeth into. 

The update also brought a host of weapon buffs and nerfs. Long-time favorites like the RPK and Fennec were weakened to push Season Two’s meta in a wholly different direction. 

One of the few weapons to come out of the patch stronger was the M13B. According to the patch notes, it had its mid-range damage and upper torso damage improved. 

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However, according to statistician and YouTuber TrueGameData, that’s not the whole picture.

TrueGameData uncovers M13B TTK nerf despite Season Two ‘buff’ 

In a February 18 YouTube video, TGD worked his way through all the weapons that were adjusted in Season Two, comparing their time-to-kills (TTKs) from before and after the patch. 

On the M13B he noticed that, while its mid-range TTK does reflect the aforementioned buff, its close-range TTK has slowed considerably. So too, has its long range TTK. 

“They did more than change what they said they changed,” he explained. “So that’s why that happened there… So really, overall, this was just a nerf to the M13 which I don’t really think it needed.” 

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Timestamp: 0:46 

It’s not clear exactly what changed about the M13B up close and at longer ranges, but the TTK stats make clear that it is actually weaker than pre-patch.

One of two scenarios seems most likely: the patch notes have either left out crucial information or there have been some unintended consequences with regards the M13B’s damage and performance. 

Either way, it’s not quite the buffed behemoth it was originally thought to be.