Warzone 2 Recruit a Friend program explained: How to join, challenges & rewards

warzone 2 recruit friendActivision Blizzard

Activision is introducing a Recruit a Friend program for Warzone 2 in hopes of enticing newcomers to join the battle royale – here’s how it works.

Companies and services of all kinds often run referral programs that encourage existing users to bring their friends along for the ride.

The Call of Duty brand will soon join the club with its reward-filled Recruit a Friend initiative for the Warzone sequel. Notably, the program, which targets newcomers and veterans, begins when Warzone 2 Season 3 goes live on Wednesday, April 12.

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Here’s a rundown of how Recruit a Friend works for those interested in taking part.

Who can join Warzone 2’s Recruit a Friend initiative?

Since Recruit a Friend means to attract inexperienced WZ2 players, there are a few conditions that participants must meet.

Warzone 2 players who’ve logged at least three hours in the shooter and own an account older than 60 days can invite one to three eligible friends.

Eligible newcomers, or recruits, must have access to an Activision account less than one week old or must have not played the sequel in the past 60 days.

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(Users who reside in Austria, Argentina, New Zealand, Belgium, Peru, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Philippines, and Poland cannot participate.)

warzone 2 recruit friendActivision Blizzard
Warzone 2

How to invite friends to join Warzone 2’s Recruit a Friend program

Once the Recruit A Friend website becomes available at the start of Season 3, hopeful Recruits can visit the site and hit the “Get Started” option. Logging in with an Activision account comes next, which will then launch users into the initiative’s menu.

The link that appears on the dashboard can then be copied and shared with up to three different friends. When they accept the invite, their respective usernames should become visible on the dashboard.

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What to expect from Recruit a Friend’s challenges and rewards

Both recruiters and their recruits will be able to complete challenges together and earn new rewards. The challenges should prove simple, ranging from playing games to finishing Contracts during matches.

Meanwhile, the rewards include but are not limited to Double XP Tokens, Calling Cards, and up to two Weapon Blueprints – one Akimbo Sidearm Blueprint and a second for the SMG class.

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